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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week!

Whether it’s a quick power nap in the middle of the day or a breathing exercise to wind down before bed, Silentmode supports awareness and activity. We believe in focus, breathing, and sharing what works.

Nothing matters more to us at Silentmode. In honor, we’re sharing some discounts on our flagship product, the Powermask, as a way to support the conversation around finding personal balance.

2021 is about working in, not just working out.

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Increased Motivation : Improve your focus and energy levels

Switch OFF

Switch Off on Command : Power Down and learn how to Nap on demand.

Stress Management

Reduce Stress and Anxiety - Breathe with our experts and train your body's relaxation mechanism.


Breath Control - Learn to control your breath for any situation. Optimise your lifestyle and improve your wellbeing.



Sensory Deprivation

Slip into a state of deep focus, or relaxation with our true blackout design.

Guided Breathing Workouts

Expert breathwork coaches guide you through a multitude of workouts, from beginner to intermediate exercises.

Binauraul Beats

Psychoacoustic backing tracks, and soundscapes developed in collaboration with leading sleep science coaches.

360 Degree Comfort

Plush memory inner foam mask designed for maximum comfort, transposing your mind away from the urban clutter and noise.


Dave Asprey, New York Times Best Seller | Father of Biohacking


“It is really powerful, we’re talking about reducing resting heart rate, lowering stress and anxiety, making me sleep better, and more energy and focus. This is a new and interesting category of brain hacking technology.”

Coach Brian Nunez, Nike Master Trainer, Trainer of the Year 2019


"The Powermask has been a game changer for me, especially this year. I listen to Breathonics, focus on my breathing, and it’s an absolute game changer."

Aubrey Marcus, Founder of @Onnit | New York Times Bestselling Author


"The Powermask is all contained in one, it really makes something that you usually have to go to a breathwork class to do, accessible. It’s not the workouts you do at the gym, but the workouts working in, rather than working out. Silentmode allows you to access your potential."